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The very young offspring within the age of 8 to 18 months are given utmost care in Haven Fun School.

The young parents are really worried about their babies and botheration of their busy schedule. We give a best parenting care to the infants in the absence of their parents. Each day your little ones will enjoy playing and learning with us.

We help them to use their sensory to learn things, show them colours, play with blocks, and experiment with toys, different sounds and variety of new words. Each day you can be surprised to see your little one making progress cognitively, language, communication skills and so on.


  • Fun with faces
  • Infant motor skills
  • Touch tour - textures
  • Water play
  • Infant games of catch
  • Stacking
  • Clap with me - Immitation, Rhyming

Admissions at Haven Fun School